Nikolay Krushkov for FACTI AGENCY

About knowledge and truth

People without knowledge can voice opinions but they cannot speak the truth

We live in times when economists have no in-depth knowledge in the studies of Smith and Ricardo, physicists are not acquainted with the works of Einstein, chemists with the works of Mendeleev, and philosophers with those of Aristotle and Hegel.

We are witnessing the aggressive advance of “nothingness” in all our being with the spread of opinions on every topic or event.

Opinions should be distinguished from truth. As Hegel states, “we should strive not to disparage knowledge as opinion, and not to elevate opinion as knowledge”. There may be a lot of opinions, but knowledge on certain subject is one.

This means that people without knowledge can voice opinions but they cannot speak the truth. Opinion is abstract (fragmentary, partial) and is therefore not concrete. Nevertheless ignorant opinions seem to pass as the truth on a mass scale.

It is troubling that everybody (both the knowledgeable and the ignorant) are trapped in the “nothingness of the ignorant” – those masters of delivering abstract opinions who have permeated our being. Unfortunately modern Western civilization allows people who have no fundamental knowledge in the fields they manage or comment on to hold managerial positions or make an appearance in commentaries.

Nikolay Krushkov teaches at the University of National and World Economy and at Sofia University. His book SЕСURITY LЕАDЕRSHIP СRЕАTIVITY (in English) was recently published in Italy.