Nikolay Krushkov

Nikolay Krushkov is a Bulgarian security professional, academic, and thought leader in the counterterrorism and law enforcement fields. A retired Senior Commissioner from the Bulgarian Ministry of Interior and Major General in the reserves, Dr. Krushkov is currently an Associate Professor at the Creative Industries and Business Institute of the University of National and World Economy of Bulgaria, lecturer at the Law Faculty of Sofia University, and a Board Member and Chief Security Officer of one of the global multinational corporations.
Krushkov started his career in countering organized crime and terrorism offices, rising through the ranks of the security agencies to become in 2013 the Director of Coordination, Information and Analysis for the Ministry of Interior. Then served as the Chief of the Minister of Interior’s Political Cabinet, where he retired in 2017. He represented Bulgaria in a number of international working groups of NATO including the NATO-Russia Committee, the European Union Committee, Counterterrorism Group, Middle European Countries, Mediterranean Dialogue, the Euro-Atlantic Partnership Council and others in Europe, Africa, North America and Asia.
Nikolay Krushkov received his MA degree in Intellectual Property in 1999, PhD in Economics in 2003 and LLM in 2006. He also attended professional schools in Bulgaria, Austria, Estonia, Portugal, Ireland and the United States of America and graduated from the Homeland Security Academy of Israel. Member of IPA since 2008.